TOPCON CV-5000 met KB-10



Topcon CV-5000 automatische phoropter SET!

Bediening met KB-10 controller

Projector ACP-8

Comfortable and versatile operation Topcon’s CV-5000 automatic phoropter is the heart of your refraction system. The CV-5000 offers various operation interfaces such as a Topcon KB-50S controller, a tablet, an integrated PC in the CV-5000 or an external PC. The CV-5000’s automatic phoropter head provides fast and silent lens rotation for user and patient comfort. The CV-5000 is connectable to other refraction instruments. Data import and export can be done through a direct connection with these instruments, or through database software, such as Topcon IMAGEnet i-base.

Small & compact design » High speed lens disc rotation » Near vision LED illumination » Tilting function for near vision test Small & compact design The open and compact design allows perfect interaction with your patient. High speed lens disc rotation Efficient lens disc rotation reduces ocular stress as well as confusion for the patient. The total refraction is reduced significantly. Versatile auxilary lens pack Auxilary lenses CV-5000 phoropter Near vision LED illumination LED illumination from the CV-5000 phoropter provides bright illumination of the near test chart.

KB-5OS, 1 dial control The KB-50S is a dedicated controller for the CV-5000 phoropter. This controller enables an easy and intuitive operation of the CV-5000. The buttons are ergonomically placed with a 1-dial button in the centre of the KB-50S, combined with a large LCD touch screen. Large 10.4″ colour LCD touch screen The large colour screen provides clear display of examination data. All relevant data, such as lens meter data, objective data, can be viewed at a glance. The touch screen ensures quick and easy access of various refraction functions.

Spherical power Measuring range +27.00 to -27.00D Measuring step 0.25D/3.00D

Cylinder power Measuring range +8.00 to -8.00 Measuring step 0.25D/1.00D

Cylinder Axis Measuring range 0 to 180 degrees Measuring step 1/5/15 degrees

Prism Measuring range 0 to 20 (all directions) Measuring step 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 / 1.0

Cross cylinger Jackson cross cylinder +/- 0.25D / +/-0.50D

Auto cross cylinder +/- 0.25D

Test lens (aux lens) Red-green filter, polarizing filter (45/135degrees) Prism 6/10, Red Maddox(horizontal/vertical, Lens for Retinoscopy, (+1.5D/+2.0D), Cross cylinder for presbyopia, Occluding plate, Pinhole and Cross hairs glass.

Reference eyeglass 12mm,13.75mm,16mm,18mm, 20mm

Convergence Near point distance 40/67cm(minimum papilary distance 40cm / Convergence 53mm)